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For The People Media

Standing up for Truth, Love and Freedom


Our Story

We were just a group of people that had eventually woken up to the astonishing lies that the main stream media has been advertising on large topics. After witnessing the harshness of lock downs and law enforcement on the Canadian people, we decided to bring our solution of For The People Media for a different take on the situation at hand in order to help reveal the one-sidedness discovered in the main stream media and the scientific community. We've dedicated our time and resources into helping you arm yourself with the knowledge and exposing the main stream narratives regarding this pandemic.

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What We Do

We're for the people. Spreading love and truth. Right now we have a few projects coming out including "Free your Smile" an informative project that teaches you how to live a mask free life as well as an outreach program for business/organizations meant to spread information and give them the confidence to serve and accept mask free people . We also have and will connect you to all the latest media on this virus and restrictions. We also provide links to different scientific studies and evidence that proves this virus is not a pandemic

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